Dear Reader,

The Warrior is a memoir written in 28 poems and dedicated to my son, Ben, who served two tours of duty in Iraq. Most of this book was written while Ben was deployed. Writing became my refuge and a source of hope while I waited for him to come home.

Since The Warrior was first published, in April, 2008, I have received e-mails from veterans, and from family members and friends of service members, from across the country. I am so grateful to every one who has written in for their kind words and for sharing their stories and the names and faces of their sons, daughters, spouses, friends, brothers and sisters still serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. I have posted some of the photographs of service members on the site. If you have a story, poem or picture you'd like for me to post, please e-mail them in to me.

I am deeply touched by your responses to The Warrior, and by the courageous dedication of all our service members and veterans.

Welcome to the site.

With all best wishes,